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No pains no gains
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No pains no gains

This is a well-known proverb already about related life-style.
A period of pain in exchange of a period of enjoyment in future, supported by what is gained, life seems like a constant repitition of exchanging, or investing, to put it in other ways. No wonder there has been prevailing idea that people would labour hard in their youth and leave themselves smelling the flowers when they've accumulted enough wealth or get old.

Nevertheless, success depend a little bit too much on money and origins. There´s a similar situation in
Germany, India and Chile. The different realities were described about education in their own countries, and it was concluded that fair is to provide the same chances to a huge amount of the members of a society and that the states of affairs in the education ministries are quite unjustifiable and in some circumstances it can be unfair..

For other hand, pain is useful to grow up as a person, and then, probably, you are going to have success in your life. Maybe gain in a substantial form could not be transformed by some mathematical formula to value how happy a person feel. It might be that only through pain, do people value what they have gain, and feel the pleasure of success.

It is just a matter of attitude what we see as gain and - unfortunately - we increasingly tend to substitute social and emotional values by financial and economical ones. And is not only the economical gain that matters. At least, no matter what pain you have to go through, the reward is going to follow at one way or the other. Maybe it is that people born with a 'silver spoon' get the jobs everybody wants but that doesn't necessarily mean that they don't suffer any pain.... Maybe, ones who born with silver spoon lose the chance to experience the pleasure of rising from the 'mass' of the society.

It is something very individualistic in nature. You can be in a milieu of pain and go through it knowing you will 'gain' one can be in a 'comfy-luxurious' environment and abstain from pain. And no matter what you do you have to put some sort of effort into it, and effort, is also some sort of pain: working hard, haveing less time for pleasurous things, even facing the unavoidable. Everyone can decide himself whether to lead a hardworking or leasure life, regardless of whether he is from a privileged and advantageous background.

Success will certaily come someday, maybe not in the way or form the one wanted before.
everything is down to one's attitude... If you expect goo things to happen - they will and the same visa versus.

All we need is perseverance. We might have to go through 'pain' , we might have to go
through 'gain' but what mattes is that ultimately we 'believe' in ourself and 'work' towards our dreams.

The most intriguing character lie in those who spend all their life in pain, and left to the world after their death, immortal pieces of work that brings spiritual exaltation. In some senses, their gains is left to the posterity. A lot could be said about this. However, their ways of life surely contradicts with the modern 'enjoy the moment' ones...