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What is Life?

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What is Life?



…”A more controversial topic, something that we all will have much to say about”… that is how What is life? tpic was born.


            Not many of us have thought about life and existence so for some of us,  it took a while to share thoughts..


As many as we are, we can find different points of view in front of it. For some life is journey, a journey filled with different rides, choices and opportunities and full of important decisions. Socializing, learning and enriching our experience allow us to move on in each of our journey.

            Life means the ability to do something, be in charge of your activities, look after yourself as good/bad as you like do whatever you please as long as you can stand in for it.

A response to external stimuli, is a vital ingredient of life.  So this is what differentiates us from a piece of wood or a stone.

            And what about the future… what do we expect for it in our life?

            Some personal philosophies came up: “Leave the world a better place than I entered it”, “Though I donīt believe in God, I believe I should do I best with what I have”, “There are so many external things that influence life in general that is very difficult to predict stuff like.. I am going to be..”, “I now believe that one must also be a servant to others in order to gain success or self fulfilment, helping someone in any positive way imaginable”.

            But what happen with destiny, does is really exist? Do we believe in destiny? What is our destiny? It can be described as a “bigger plan”, that seems to sub-consciously guide us throughout our lives, but not everything is said in life, and all that we know is that “you never can predict the next moment in your life”. Maybe each one of us has a destiny…

            And there are some experiences, which remember us, how valuable is life, and sometime one life depends on us. For example the desire of having a baby or not, like we can see nowadays, how the rates of unplanned births is increasing. This is a matter of lie too. In this part of the topic we could make the difference between the situation in the different MF countries. It was very interesting to read the thoughts of Indian fellows about, when they say the idea of pregnancies outside marriage are still not acceptable, this is because Indian culture is based on a very strong value system. Adding to this, India is an emerging economy, the youth of today is in most cases the most empowered generations the country ever produced. This enormous pressure to perform in their careers doesn’t allow to think about marriage and having children.

In a similar line goes China a country which is pretty conserve about sex and having children is consider as a proper issue only after marriage. If  an unplanned birth exists, the women will be rejected from society, losing jobs, and others rights. But  we should not forget that the abortion is a legal issue.

USA recognises that they suppose to follow a similar philosophy of India and China, were studies and careers are the main objective, and once they are settled they should think about forming a family. But there are the two groups of people, who are actively preparing for their future careers and those who are concerned about intimate relationships and finding the right person.

Something similar occurs in Germany , students as well as non students are not willing to get children before they could not afford having children. But sometimes personal relations are in the first place but in here the public help for parents is definitely more developed than in India or China, itīs a fact that unplanned births do happen very frecuently, but some can go with studies and family.

In Chile the situation is a little complex. Unplanned births are a real problem of the society. Abortion is not allowed and sadly young people with no studies had to start working for their new family.


But at the end we all see in life something precious, something that we have to take care and give respect. Life is something that we all want to enjoy and take advatange of it, like someone said: Life IS, is just a matter of making use of it. Letīs be patients in life, because the best things come unexpected.